Why are the banks down today


The banks are down today due to several factors[3]. The most recent one is the extraordinary fiscal support from the government and the elevated oil prices, which have both had an effect on the bank stocks[5]. Additionally, the report released by the Federal Reserve Board included hypothetical scenarios for its 2023 Bank Stress Tests, which could also be a contributing factor[7].

Furthermore, the geopolitical uncertainty resulting from the Ukraine War, the massive Microsoft 365 outage caused by the WAN router IP change, and the broken water pipe which caused flooding and a sinkhole in La Jolla, California, all appear to be weighing on bank stocks lately[5]. Finally, the statistics reported by banks and other financial firms in the US, combined with the missing money sent through the in-app Zelle Network, have all had an impact on the bank stocks[7]. As a result of these various factors, the bank stocks have been dragged down, which is why they are down today[5].


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why are the banks down today
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why are the banks down today
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why are the banks down today
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