Why are teams wearing pink in february


Teams are wearing pink in February to raise awareness for Breast Cancer[7]. This has become a yearly tradition in many teams across the country, with players, coaches, and fans all wearing pink to support the cause[2]. The University of Arkansas Women's Basketball Team, Kentucky Wildcats, and CSU Northridge Matadors, among many others, all hold their annual ‘Pink Game’ in February.

This event has become an important way to honor the memory of coaches Kay Yow and Jim Valvano, who both lost their battles with cancer[2]. Pink is also used as a symbol of strength and resilience, to symbolize the struggles many are facing in their fight against cancer[2]. During these games, players will wear pink jerseys, pink shoelaces, pink headbands, and encourage fans to wear pink to the game for a discounted ticket price of $5[1].

This is an excellent way for teams to come together and show their support for breast cancer awareness[6].


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why are teams wearing pink in february
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why are teams wearing pink in february
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why are teams wearing pink in february
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why are teams wearing pink in february
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