Why are stocks up today


Stocks are up today due to a combination of factors[4]. For starters, there is renewed interest in a group of highly speculative meme stocks, as well as Bitcoin and Ether's highest levels since August[9]. Markets are also rallying in the face of bad news pushing stocks up across the board[3].

Additionally, the recent release of the Core CPI, which excludes volatile energy and food prices, increased 5[8].7% on an annual basis, marking the lowest increase in the Fed's benchmark rate since March 2022[8]. This, combined with the fact that average returns of all recommendations since inception have been rising, have contributed to the stock market's overall increase today[9].

Last but not least, continued unemployment claims rose to 1[9].71 million, indicating that usage trends have improved from the second quarter to the third, which is a positive development[9]. All of these factors have helped to boost stocks today[9].


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why are stocks up today
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why are stocks up today
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