Why are schools closed today


Schools are closed today due to various reasons, including illness-related closures, issues with school buildings or utilities, severe weather or emergencies, professional development days, and afternoon parent-teacher conferences[4]. Illness-related closures were rare in this study, but of the closures that did occur, over half were found to be due to respiratory illness[4]. Issues with school buildings or utilities caused 10% of individual-level school closures and 1% of district-wide closures[4].

Severe weather and emergencies, such as the nighttime curfew imposed by de la canal county officials, often result in school closures[4]. Schools are also closed during professional development days to allow time for teachers and other staff to receive professional training[3]. During afternoon parent-teacher conferences, students in high schools, K-12, and 6-12 schools are dismissed three hours early[3].

Finally, special dates such as the 4th Annual NYC Public School Film Festival, Charter School Public Hearing for International Leadership Charter High School, Success Academy Charter School - NYC 6, Success Academy Charter School - NYC 12, and Success Academy Charter School - NYC 14 are also included in the NYC Public School Calendar and result in school closures.


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