Why are people mad at jk rowling


People are mad at JK Rowling because of her transphobic posts and comments on Twitter[3]. This is a highly sensitive topic, and many people have felt that her comments and opinions are inaccurate, discriminatory and disrespectful[6]. Her views have caused a huge public backlash, and many have accused her of being transphobic[2].

The incident started in June 2020, when Rowling liked a tweet which was deemed as transphobic[2]. Following this, Rowling posted a long blog post in which she discussed her views on gender identity[1]. In the post, she wrote that she was concerned about the ‘huge explosion in young women wishing to transition because they identify as male’[6].

This statement was considered to be inflammatory, and has been criticized by many, including members of the trans community[6]. In addition, Rowling has been receiving death and rape threats on a daily basis since she liked the tweet[6]. Rowling has also caused controversy with her employer, the Centre for Global Development, after she posted her blog post[2].

The organisation had removed her as a visiting fellow, stating that her views did not match their values of respect and dignity for all[2]. Rowling has since apologised, writing: ‘I am deeply sorry for the pain these comments have caused you[3].’ Overall, people are mad at JK Rowling because her comments and opinions have been seen as discriminatory and disrespectful[6].

Her statements have caused pain and distress to the trans community, and have caused a huge degree of public backlash[3].


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