Why are people considered a resource class 8


People are considered a resource class 8, because they have the power to contribute or create elements of value to achieve specific goals, such as knowledge, skill, and effort, to an organization[3]. Humans are unique among other resources because they are able to think and act independently with creativity, meaning they can bring innovative solutions to problems[1]. In doing so, humans can contribute to the growth and development of an organisation[3].

They can provide labour, generate ideas and develop products and services that add value to the organisation[1]. Humans can be used as a resource to increase productivity, develop quality services and products, manage finances and resources, understand consumer behaviour, and make decisions to improve the organisation[3]. They also possess physical and emotional qualities that allow them to work in teams, communicate effectively, and make better decisions[1].

People are considered a resource class 8 because they possess the power to build and develop the organisation[3]. They are able to draw on their skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience to create a strategy to achieve their goals[1]. By utilising human resources, an organisation can gain a competitive edge and gain an advantage over its competitors[7].

People can also help an organisation understand and meet consumer needs, as they are able to provide insight into what consumers want and need[1]. Overall, people are an important resource class 8 because they can bring value to the organisation and create a lasting success[7]. Additionally, their knowledge, skills, experience, and ability to think critically can bring many benefits to the organisation[1].


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why are people considered a resource class 8
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why are people considered a resource class 8
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why are people considered a resource class 8
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