Why are new zealanders called kiwis


New Zealanders are named after their national bird, the Kiwi[3]. During World War I, the men of the New Zealand regiments were nickname Kiwis by their peers due to the kiwi being adorned on their regimental badges[5]. Similarly, the two kiwis refers to two people whereas two kiwi refers to two birds[1].

The term kiwi was also popularized due to the Chinese Gooseberry that flourished down in New Zealand and was officially renamed 'Kiwifruit' due to its similar exterior[3]. Kiwifruit looks like a kiwi bird, being brown and fuzzy[3]. Another reason why the name Kiwi is closely associated with New Zealand is due to the island's geographic isolation and lack of native mammals[1].

This has allowed Kiwi birds to live for years without any major predators, an important part of the country's culture and history[4]. The relationship between Kiwi birds and New Zealanders has been growing for years[6]. In 1991, Doc and Save the Kiwi partnered up in order to help protect the health of the Kiwi bird population[1].

The national bird of New Zealand, the Kiwi, has come to be held in great regard by the people of the region, and thus the name Kiwi has become associated with the people of New Zealand[4].


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