Why are manure and fertilizers used in fields


Manure and fertilizers are used in fields to enhance soil fertility and improve crop yields[8]. Manure is organic material, such as rotted leaves, animal dung, and compost, that is added to the soil[6]. It provides essential nutrients to the soil, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as other micro-nutrients, which help plants to grow, reproduce, and remain healthy[5].

Fertilizers on the other hand are chemical or synthetic nutrients added to the soil to provide essential nutrients to the plants[6]. Fertilizers are often used to supplement the nutrients found in manures and can help to increase crop yields significantly if they are used correctly[8]. Fertilizers are water-soluble and are hence readily absorbed by the plants, making them a better choice for rapid nutrient absorption[6].

Fertilizers can also be used to improve soil structure and tilth, making them easier to work with[5].


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why are manure and fertilizers used in fields
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why are manure and fertilizers used in fields
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why are manure and fertilizers used in fields
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