Why are manhole covers round


The best correct answer as to why any given manhole cover is round is because the pipe which it caps is round also a round manhole cover won’t fall into a hole because it was rotated the wrong way so it’s safer[6]. A round manhole cover can’t fall through its circular opening because no matter how you position it, the cover is wider than the hole[4]. Therefore many manhole covers are round so they don’t need to be rotated[3].

Covers are round because the hole is round since a manhole covers is quite heavy (200 to 300 pounds) that’s pretty helpful[7]. Thus it is easier to dig and maintain round holes and because it’s round it can be more easily transported[3]. Another secondary reason manhole covers are round might be for the ease of putting the manhole cover in[7].

A number of possible explanations for why manhole covers are round include but perhaps the biggest reason that manhole covers are round is that round covers can’t fall through a circular opening[4]. Round manhole covers & frames however not all manhole covers lead directly down to round holes, they often lead to a larger cavern easier to move round manhole covers around by rolling them[2]. A cylinder is the optimal shape for stacking, loading and transporting manhole covers, as well as being easier to install and maintain[2].


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