Why are flags at half mast today


Flags may be at half mast today for a variety of reasons[7]. These can include honoring a fallen soldier, mourning a national tragedy, expressing a public sentiment, observing a holiday, and other solemn occasions[5]. Typically, flags are lowered to the half-staff position beginning at sunrise, and then raised back to full staff at sunset[7].

National, state, and local governments issue proclamations or orders when they declare that flags should fly at half-staff, so it is best to check with a reliable source or local news outlet to confirm the reason[6]. In some cases, flags may remain at half-staff for longer periods of time, depending on the occasion or event[7]..


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why are flags at half mast today
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why are flags at half mast today
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why are flags at half mast today
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why are flags at half mast today
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