Why are cockroaches called cockroaches


Cockroaches are called cockroaches because of their long association with humans and their frequent appearances in popular culture[1]. Cockroaches have been around since classical antiquity, and due to humans' evolutionary aversion to cockroaches, they have become an iconic, feared pest[1]. The common name "cockroach" can be traced back to the 16th century, and is believed to come from the Spanish word "cucaracha"[1].

Subsequent variations may have come from the Latin word "blatta", which means "insect". Cockroaches have been known to survive without a head for up to a week, and have emergent behavior in which group or swarm behavior emerges from a simple set of individual interactions[2]. The cockroach is and has been one of the most studied insects, and due to its sporty design and qualities, has become the preferred test subject[5].


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why are cockroaches called cockroaches
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why are cockroaches called cockroaches
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why are cockroaches called cockroaches
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