Why are cairns bad


Cairns are considered bad because they can have a negative environmental impact on the surrounding food chain and ecosystems[1]. Additionally, cairns that are constructed just for aesthetic appeal can be a violation of the intended purpose for which cairns are meant for[3]. Cairns are not built for art, but rather for signaling a purpose, such as a water source or guiding people along a trail[3].

When cairns are constructed in a way that is counterproductive to this purpose, they can lead people off the trail and cause unnecessary confusion[1]. Furthermore, cairns contribute to the disruption of the illusion of solitude and people's desires to be away from people[8]. For these reasons, it is important to understand the purpose and potential consequences of building cairns before randomly stacking them[3].

Finally, some parks and other conservation areas have outright prohibited the practice of building cairns because of the potential negative impacts they can cause[1].


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